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10 September 2013 @ 11:27 pm
New York by Steven Siegel  

Let's travel today! Let's go to New York! Browsing through Steven Siegel's flickr photostream will transport through time and space. His pictures of New York in the 80s are really interesting, in my opinion, because they depict the "rough" parts of the city, that aren't usually shown. The famous skyline is still here and there in the background, but Mr Siegel doesn't stop at the usual spots, he goes further than that. He photographs the streets of New York, its suburbs, its people. He finds unusual points of view. Looking back at those pictures today is striking! His photos have that "film grain" that make them look like they're from another era... Well, afterall, most of these were taken in the last century... It really is a long time ago! :)

That being said, the pictures I selected aren't necessarily the best examples of what I just described, because, 9/11 being on my mind, I chose pictures of the World Trade Center. But I encourage you to take a look at his flickr to see the rest of his work! (Especially the "New York in the 80s" set).

All pictures by Steven Siegel.