New York by Steven Siegel

Let's travel today! Let's go to New York! Browsing through Steven Siegel's flickr photostream will transport through time and space. His pictures of New York in the 80s are really interesting, in my opinion, because they depict the "rough" parts of the city, that aren't usually shown. The famous skyline is still here and there in the background, but Mr Siegel doesn't stop at the usual spots, he goes further than that. He photographs the streets of New York, its suburbs, its people. He finds unusual points of view. Looking back at those pictures today is striking! His photos have that "film grain" that make them look like they're from another era... Well, afterall, most of these were taken in the last century... It really is a long time ago! :)

That being said, the pictures I selected aren't necessarily the best examples of what I just described, because, 9/11 being on my mind, I chose pictures of the World Trade Center. But I encourage you to take a look at his flickr to see the rest of his work! (Especially the "New York in the 80s" set).

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5 calendars for 2013

We only have one month left of 2012! That means it's time to start looking for a new calendar, if you use one! I combined a little list of my 5 favourites...

Zodiacal - Mibo is a design studio based in the UK. They have an online shop, where they sell paper prodcuts for children, as well as some textile items and tile tattoos (which I think are pretty great by the way! If I had plain tiles in my kitchen, I would totally get this set!). Every year, they offer a new calendar as a free download. They have been doing this for as long as I can remember! This year they asked Sean Hennessy to collaborate on this calendar, and he came up with amazing illustrations of the animals of the Chinese zodiac. You just have to download (right here), print & enjoy! :) You might also like their DIY simple Advent calendar! And if you don't want to miss next year's freebies, I suggest subscribing to their newsletter or following them on twitter!
Photographic - What I like about this NY calendar is that there's not another Statue of the Liberty shot on the cover. The pictures are gorgeous without being "clichés" (excuse the pun).
I ordered it in November, during the fundraiser that was organized to support hurricane Sandy relief efforts. I plan on framing and hanging it in my kitchen. I received it last week, and I have to say, the quality of the print is great - and the pictures are beautiful, of course! I expected it to be slightly larger, but it's lovely nonetheless.
Cut-out - Everyone knows that I love paper cut-outs, so, as you can imagine, this calendar caught my eye! I really like the design, that represents succulents! It looks both realistic and abstract somehow. I mean, the plants are recognizable, but the 2d and lack of colour give it an "abstract" feel... what do you think? You can play on the transparency by placing it before a window, or just hang it on a wall, and it'll be just as pretty.
As I said above, I already purchased a 2013 calendar, and I only have so many walls to hang calendars on... but I'm very tempted by these mini matchbook calendars that fit into pockets! So cute and practical!
Customizable - This calendar is pretty awesome because 1) it's entirely customizable, 2) it's owl-themed and 3) it's totally free! You select one illustration a month among the artworks of 43 talented artists. Then you simply click a button, et voilà! Your calendar is magically ready to download! You can make one, or two, or print one for each member of your family if you'd like...
This calendar is published by Shivani from the blog My Owl Barn, which you should definitely check out if you like owl-related stuff. This site is a gold mine for owl lovers!
Astronomical - This one is a screenprint of the constellations of the northern hemisphere. I love the metallic silver ink over the dark indigo paper. Even if astronomy's not your thing, it's a beautiful calendar to hang on your wall and look at everyday. I think it would make a great gift. What's more, 10% of each sale will be donated to The Planetary Society.

Daniella Witte

I stumbled upon Daniella Witte's blog by chance, and I'm so happy I did! I can't understand a word, as it is written in Swedish, but the pictures speak for themselves! I love the black and white colour scheme throughout the whole house. Daniella is an interior photographer, so of course everything is perfectly styled... However, her house still has a "lived-in" feel. It doesn't look like a static display home, you know what I mean? The house seems to transition through the seasons... It's all in the details... Some subtle changes of fabrics, but always in the same colour scheme... Lush arrangements of branches in the springtime give a refreshing feeling, while a superposition of rugs and pillows creates a cozier atmosphere in the winter...

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This past week

Here are a few things I enjoyed and/or found interesting this past week...
this blog post about cameras. I liked the analogy between cameras and languages, especially.
this story on immigrating to Los Angeles, narrated by Laila Lalami, published in Newsweek.
this touching text written by Tommy of this is naive, about her father.
this article by Sarai Walker about sexism in Cannes. Can you believe that there are 22 films in competition at Cannes, and not a single one is directed by a woman?
Alicia Bock's pictures are always beautiful, but for some reason I find this set of photographs especially gorgeous (the picture above is hers).

I hope everyone's week is off to a good start! :)

Sasha Prood

I have fallen in love with Sasha Prood's portfolio. First of all, her website is really well done. The combination of horizontal and vertical scrolling is very cool! Then, of course, her work is absolutely mesmerizing! I especially like her typography and illustration works that involve natural patterns. She admits in this interview being inspired by science, and anything natural and organic. I love that illustrated plant alphabet in the first picture so much, I might just buy the poster! Her work is so intricate and detailed, it would be a pleasure to look at it everyday!

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37 minutes in April

A few months ago I started compiling a little playlist of 10 songs every month. It's been fun! I really enjoy this! Here are the ten tracks that I listenend to the most in April :
• Anna - Taken by Trees
• Moon Fever - Air
• Embryonic Journey - Jefferson Airplane
• Blue Skies - Sad Day For Puppets
• La Petite Fille De La Mer - Vangelis
• I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You - Tom Waits
• Il y a - Vanessa Paradis
• Happy Pills - Norah Jones
• Be My Man - Asa
• Water Bombs - Twinsy

You can listen to the whole playlist on Spotify, and you will also find there all the playlists I made previously.

The Amazing Balthazar & Mirabelle

This cute little video is from Blabla, a website that sells knitted dolls and accessories. It is such an inventive and original way to promote their brand! They claim that the whole set and all the props were built from cardboard. I find it very inspiring: proof that you don't need lots of $$$ to make something amazing. Just a lot of patience and imagination! :)